UK Energy Watch

Small-Scale Generation

This data is from my personal solar installation.

Soon it will be possible for you to register at UK Energy Watch and automatically monitor your own generation data.

Real-time generation data
Power Output: 0 W PV Voltage: 0.0 V PV Current: 0.00 A
Updated: 02/27/2016 17:35:50 - Inverter not operating (it's probably night-time)
Real-time and historical generation
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Solar PV installation details
Maximum Power Output 470 Watts
PV Modules 2 x Trina TSM-235PC05 (2 x 235 Watts each)
Inverter Soladin 600
Orientation South (approximately)
Angle 30° (approximately)

PV Modules on flat roof
PV Modules on flat roof.
Inverter, isolation switches and generation meter
Inverter, isolation switches and generation meter.